Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap
Abdomen Strap

Abdomen Strap

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Welcome to the world of comfort and style with our High-Quality Hollow Breathable Postpartum Abdomen Strap – the belly band belt that's your partner in maintaining good posture, embracing postpartum shaping, and rocking your confidence with every step.

💪 **Strength in Simplicity:**
This Abdomen Strap isn't just a belt; it's a companion on your journey to spinal strength and good posture. Bid farewell to backside acid bacteria pain as you embrace the support and comfort that our strap brings to your waist and abdomen.

🌈 **Postpartum Shaping Magic:**
For the mothers who deserve the world, our Abdomen Strap steps in as the superhero of postpartum shaping. Helping you rebuild your shape with every wear, this strap is designed to offer not just support but a confidence boost too.

🔄 **Adjustable Comfort:**
With adjustable plates on the upper and lower sides and an inner front belt, finding your ideal fit has never been easier. The freedom to adjust the looseness ensures that you can tailor the strap to your body, achieving the perfect shape effect.

🌬️ **Hollow Hole Style:**
Step into the trend of hollow hole style – our special design not only increases the product's fit but also elevates its air permeability. No more sultry seasons; just a constant flow of refreshing wear comfort, all year round.

👗 **Shape Up with Style:**
Scientific ergonomic tailoring is at the heart of our design, ensuring not just comfort but a shape that makes heads turn. It's not just a belt; it's a fashion-forward statement of confidence.

📏 **Specification Perfection:**
- **Function:** Support abdomen
- **Thickness:** Ordinary
- **Applicable Season:** Four seasons
- **Color Options:** Black, Skin Color, Apricot
- **Material:** Nylon
- **Size:** Free size (See size chart for details)

📐 **Size Chart:**
- Length(cm): 94
- Width(cm): 23
- Suitable Waist Circumference(cm): 60 - 103

Elevate your posture, embrace shaping, and do it all with style. The High-Quality Hollow Breathable Postpartum Abdomen Strap is not just a belt; it's your fashion-forward partner in confidence. 💃🌟🌬️

Orders take 7 - 14 business days to arrive.

Please email us at info@lustycart.com for any inquiries.

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