Cutie Pig Plush
Cutie Pig Plush

Cutie Pig Plush

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The perfect plush companion for anyone who needs some extra fun and cuddles in their life! Our Cutie Pig Plush is an incredibly soft choice that gives off a happy, welcoming vibe. Available in 4 sizes – 25cm, 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm – this snuggly pig plush is the ideal pick for any occasions. The 25cm version fits perfectly on any child's bed or armchair, while the larger sizes make great covers for your sofa! The cutest thing about this surprisingly soft plush? Its delightful facial expression that will stay with you forever. Perfectly designed using premium materials to ensure quality and comfortability every time you cuddle it. Take home our Cutie Pig Plush today – it's going to be a cozy addition to your home!

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