Jawline Exerciser

Jawline Exerciser

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These specially engineered silicone chew pads will strengthen and tone your facial muscles by resistance and repetition which in turn, alters the facial profile and lines. Talking and chewing naturally use the same muscles repeatedly, and activities such as blowing bubbles or balloons tire the cheek muscles easily. The chew pads strengthen unused muscles such as these, plus others, making certain muscles in the jaw, cheek and neck more prominent and defined. A convenient storage tub helps keep your chew pads more hygienic and out of sight, being small and compact enough to fit in your bag on the go. Effects range from looking fitter/more muscular, enhanced natural lines, older/more mature for younger users, over/under bite assistance, fuller facial profile, help with stuttering/certain speech impediments etc. when used for the recommended 5 minute minimum per day.

Orders take 7 - 14 business days to arrive.

Please email us at info@lustycart.com for any inquiries.

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